My Journey to Becoming



My strong belief in empowering people to learn to connect intimately with themselves, their bodies and minds comes from a deep searching along my own healing journey for this type of connection.  


Over the years, I have been fortunate to have been guided by some incredible Guru’s and teachers who all left me wiser and more empowered and from whom I have gathered invaluable tools. A great love of mine is to share these teachings and lessons with those who I work with, igniting within them a belief and trust that they are their greatest healers, that they are powerful beyond measure and that they are so much more than just their anatomy.


I draw guidance and  inspiration from my connection to the Earth and Spirit – both of which allow me to harness deep seated wisdom and bring it forth in my sessions allowing me to connect intimately with the joys and pains of those I treat; It is from this point that I am able to welcome and hold space for you as you are, in your entirety. 


It is my privilege to do this work, my own journey is profoundly impacted by each person I work with and I value each exchange with deep respect.


Other places I can be found is in the ocean, alchemising lotions and potions, hunting down dinosaurs with my son, elbow deep in some soil or buying every and any house plant I pass by.


Welcome to a place where your healing will be delicately held. Whether it be through a healing session, one of my products or other offerings.


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