April 15, 2021


When I close my eyes, she steps forward.
We meet in the stillness, the grounding of my energy, in the space between each conscious breath.

She is rooted in deep-knowing; the image of grey hair and soft wrinkles, eyes that carry a sense of hope. She is wise. She is warm. She is home.

She knows the intricate complexities that I am made up of and she holds me delicately in understanding and compassion

She guides me to all the places I need to go, leading me towards my true authenticity

She anchors me to the Great Mother below me and strings the pathway to all that is Divine above me

Some days she roars, some days she just whispers but everyday she is my true north.

She is powerfully aligned, spiritual and feminine.
She is everything within me that embodies creation and flow,
She is the unsung story in my heart.

She….is my intuition;
always guiding, leading and showing me the way

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