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Energy Alchemy Healing Sessions

These intuitively led healings are supported by firm roots in both lineages of Reiki & Shamanic Energy medicine, coupled with Plant Spirit medicine and an innate flare for Ritual & Ceremony – coming together in a beautiful energetic synergy.


I align with a holistic approach and believe that healing is best met with kindness, love and compassion -when the body feels safe, it naturally opens up to receive what it is requiring.


Areas of focus include balancing energies, removal of blockages and deep body, mind and spirit healing.  

Healings can be done both in-person as well as over distance.  


My offerings extend from individuals, children, moms and babies, through pregnancy as well as the Rite of Passage into Motherhood


R850 per session or R3200 for a 4 session package

Energy Mentorship

Managing your energy is an empowering way to deepen your healing journey and an integral part of understanding yourself. The intention behind these programmes is to create a personalised container for you to become intimate with your energetic make up and together we will map out areas and tools that will support and empower you on your journey. 



Energy Mentorship programmes:

For the healer or anybody who holds space for others on their healing journey. Here we will dive into energy management, creating a strong self practice, assessing how, where and why you may be energetically depleted and implementing responsible practice framework. 



For the individual, wherever you are on your journey; in this programme we will be looking into the energetics behind self-limiting beliefs, accessing and harnessing the power of intention and ways to effectively direct your energy to where you are wanting to grow, and establishing a strong self supportive practice



Each is a 5 week program which is made up of 5 1:1 sessions (in person or via Zoom), 2 healing sessions (in person or viz Zoom) and vibrational medicine blends to support you on your journey


R6555 – payment plans can be discussed.



Energetic Attunements

Maybe there has been a quiet rumbling within you as the heart calls you towards taking that step onto the path of the healer, or perhaps you are being guided towards a deeper path of service.



This offering is a culmination of the energetic lineages that I have been initiated into on my journey coupled with the passing on of the knowledge and teachings that embody as a healer.  



We will work together in a sacred , personalised 1:1 container and ultimately walk beside each other as soul tribe.



It is here that I offer my hearts work to the world.


Holistic Alchemy Product Range

Holistic Alchemy is a range of high-vibrational products which are always handcrafted, made in small batches and infused with prayers and intentions.


All product in this range are made during a ceremonial process and infused with beautiful healing Reiki energy – created from a combination of essential oils, flower essences, natural herbs and crystals. 


Designed to make rituals and self-keeping practice an achievable part of daily life while aligning the user with the energy of self-healing and connection.

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