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Reiki Healing Sessions

An ancient Japanese practice of balancing energies, removal of blockages and deep body, mind and spirit healing. These healings can be done both in-person as well as over distance.  I follow a Holistic approach to healing and believe in taking a person’s mental, emotion, spiritual and physical states into consideration when working with them. Each session is tailor-made to suite the needs of the individual and I incorporate an array of supporting practices such as aromatherapy, crystal healing, flower essence, counselling and acupressure into my work.

My areas of focus include;

Adults and Children (babies – 12 years old)


Transitioning into Motherhood

Intention Setting  Intensives

Inner child healing

Flower Essence Consultations

This practice forms part of subtle energy medicine, these essences are made by extracting the vibrational signature of a flower. The law of resonance states that when two energy fields vibrating at different frequencies are brought together, the resonance of the two must meet. The flower being the highest manifestation of the plant is used for the essence and when introduced into the energy field, holds its vibrational resonance and raises the resonance of the auric bodies, clearing them of negativity and flooding the body with a higher frequency. During these consultations we look into emotional conditioning and limiting beliefs and gently and compassionately work to release and allow the body to reprogramme and heal.

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Holistic Alchemy Product Range

Holistic Alchemy is a range of high-vibrational products which are always handcrafted, made in small batches and infused with prayers and intentions. All product in this range are made during a ceremonial process and infused with beautiful healing Reiki energy. They are created from a combination of essential oils, flower essences, natural herbs and crystals. Designed to make rituals and self-keeping practice an achievable part of daily life while aligning the user with the energy of self-healing and connection.

Ritual Ceremonies

For more information on these upcoming ceremonies and offerings please follow my social media pages.

ritual ceremonies
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