Vibrational Sprays


These powerfully cleansing, grounding and rejuvenating Vibrational Sprays are made with organic essential oils, high- vibrational flower essence and are infused with crystals and intended to bring a sense of elevation, cleansing and positivity to the energy of a room or person.

Hand made during a ceremonial process.



We come into contact with many different forms of energy on a daily basis, through nature, places, people, situations and events – all affecting our aura by either leaving us feeling positive and energised or negative and drained. The health of our energy system can have an effect on our emotions, general well-being as well as how we show up in the world. Energy Hygiene is a practice which helps to cleanse, unblock and reset your own energetic system bringing it back to its highest and truest vibration.
This range of sprays offers an effective, easily accessible tools to keep your vibration balanced and flowing. They can be used for both your personal aura or for your home/office space.


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