April 15, 2021

Simple Pleasures

Freshly picked Lavender out of my garden. A simple pleasure. An act of unwinding.

The passed few weeks have been a time for deep reflection for me and after the passing of this last full moon, it feels a bit like there is room to breathe………and pick lavender.

So perhaps you too have been feeling the intensity of the last month and it feels a bit like life’s got you tangled up in the washing machine motion, im here to remind you to take some time to ‘pick fresh lavender’ in whichever way that looks for you. Maybe like me it was walking barefoot through the garden and admiring my blooms or maybe it’s in a quiet cup of something warm and grounding. A drive past the ocean or a few minutes of mindful breathing, nothing that requires too much planning and something that is super simple –
a powerful reminder to yourself that life is about enjoying the simple pleasures that are scattered beautifully along our path.

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